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FireSync supports the Yjs Awareness Protocol which can be used for syncing temporary state between connected clients such as who is online, cursor positions, and other state that doesn't need to be saved.


Let's look at a quick example showing how to use awareness to track online users.

const docKey = 'my-document'
const awareness = firesync.subscribeAwareness(docKey)

// Listen for changes to who is connected
awareness.on('change', () => {
// Returns a Map of client id to user state
const clientStates = awareness.getStates()

console.log('Online users are:')
for (const clientState of clientStates.values()) {

// Set our own name for other users to see
awareness.setLocalStateField('user', {
name: 'Bob'

How it works

Each connected client has its own entry in awareness.getStates(). The key corresponds to the client id and the value is a javascript object that clients can store arbitrary data on depending on what information you want to sync between clients.

Client Ids

Note that the client id is not the same as the user id in your system. The client id is unique to each browser tab, so if a user has multiple tabs open they may have multiple entries in awareness.getStates() with different client ids.

When a client disconnects, their entry is automatically removed from the awareness state. Clients send a regular heartbeat message and the client will also be removed from the awareness state if a heartbeat message doesn't arrive for over 30 seconds.

More Examples

Rich text cursors

The bindings for rich-text editors like Quill can use an awareness instance to sync data about where users cursors are:

const doc = firesync.subscribeYDoc(docKey)
const awareness = firesync.subscribeAwareness(docKey)
const quill = document.getElementById('quill')
const binding = new QuillBinding(doc.getText('t'), quill, awareness)
Live Example

This rich text editor below is a Quill instance connected to FireSync. Open this page in another browser to see the collaboration in action, or share this URL with someone else.