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FireSync can bind to the Monaco Editor to create a real-time collaborative code editor with just a few lines of code.

See FireSyncMonacoBinding reference for more information

Live Example

Live Example

This rich text editor below is a Monaco instance connected to FireSync. Open this page in another browser to see the collaboration in action, or share this URL with someone else.

Code Example

import FireSync from '@firesync/client'
import { FireSyncMonacoBinding } from '@firesync/client/monaco'
import * as monaco from 'monaco-editor'

const firesync = new FireSync({
// A JWT access token signed by your backend
token: '<your-token>',
// Your FireSync Cloud project name
projectName: 'acme-dev',
// Or if running FireSync yourself locally:
// baseUrl: 'http://localhost:5000',

const editor = monaco.editor.create(document.getElementById('monaco-editor'), {
value: '', // Gets overwritten when FireSync doc syncs
language: "javascript"

// Bind FireSync to the Monaco editor
new FireSyncMonacoBinding(firesync, 'my-doc-name', editor)